No matter how old you are, inevitably, there is a time in your life when you are concerned about your succession. Whether it is to pass on your wealth or to protect your company and ensure its continuity once you are gone, or to act as liquidator for one of your family member, some time or another, you are confronted with these questions.

That is why in 1999, public accountants created the company Option Succession to offer their current and future clientele all the support they could get concerning successions.

Ever since, the engagement of Option Succession has been to counsel and assist its client on:

Ø estate planning;
Ø creation and management of testamentary trusts;
Ø settlement of a succession;
Ø planning and drawing up mandates in anticipation of incapacity.

You would like to take the time to plan a financial future for your family and relatives, or you would like to be assisted in your duties as liquidator of succession? The highly qualified professionals of Option Succession can help you with their savoir-faire and ensure everlastingness.