You might not yet be convinced of the relevance to be assisted or guided through the accomplishment of these mandates.

Put your knowledge to the test by answering these questions on estate planning and settlement of a succession (which only represent a small part of the big picture).

1. Does your will foresee mechanisms of income splitting between your family members? 1. Do you know the obligations of the liquidator of a succession?
2. Do you own share capital from private companies including a death benefit plan? 2. Do you know the rules of the Civil Code and their consequences on succession settlement?
3. Are succession rights relevant on certain of your assets? 3. Do you know the different types of income tax returns you can file for the deceased?
4. Do you know the various categories of bequest you can make? 4. Can the liquidator be held responsible for errors committed while carrying out his duties?
5. Do you know who the legal heirs determined by law are when you die intestate? 5. What are the steps the liquidator must take with Revenue Canada and Revenu Québec before the final distribution of the property to the heirs?
6. Do you have any idea what the average payment period is on a succession if you die intestate? 6. Do you know when the liquidator’s duties end?